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The Ten Commandments of Leadership
As leaders, we often discover what works by first testing what doesn't work.  But, we are much better off by learning from the mistakes of other leaders.  In this two-part series, we outline "The Ten Commandments of Leadership" that you should follow, so you don't have to learn a lesson the hard way.

Part I: Commandments 1-6
Part II: Commandments 6-10

Leadership Survival Kit
The world's greatest leaders all share some of the very same traits.  Is this coincidence?  We don't think so!  In this leadership kit, we outline the seven key traits of the world's top leaders. 

Networking: Keep Your Business Healthy With Social Media
Organizations of all sizes are embracing social networking and leveraging its power for business development, customer service and even HR management. Less than two years ago, social media was a novelty—today it requires an aggressive strategy. In this article, you’ll find some compelling reasons to use social media for your organization.

Employee Training Essentials
Studies have shown that the most successful, productive employees are those who have received extensive training. They’re the cream of the crop and often have the strongest stake in the company’s future.  In this article, we outline the key steps to effective employee training.

Developing Gifted Leaders
Does your company develop outstanding leaders?  Are you tapping all of the leadership potential within your organization?  In this article, we highlight key ways that companies can foster leaders within their ranks and build a stronger competitive advantage. 

Job Seeker Resources

Acing Behavioral Interviews
The behavioral interview is a technique many employers use to determine the best person for a job. This article offers more about behavioral interviews...and how to ace them.

Take Charge of Your Career
The country’s top business leaders all have one thing in common—they took charge in their own careers. This article offers tips to help people take charge and get ahead in their careers.

How to Create a Targeted Resume
Your cover letter looks great, your experience is exceptional—and you didn't get called for an interview.  It may be because your resume is too general.  In order to convince the hiring manager you deserve an interview, you need to develop a more targeted resume that addresses the position's exact requirements.  This article shows you how.

Reduce Workplace Stress
We're all being asked to do more with less.  Not only does this mean you have more responsibility, it means you're also more stressed.  The tips in this article will help you better manage stress and ensure you don't get burned out.

Communicating Your Way to Success
Learning new and better ways to communicate is always beneficial, no matter who you are.  But for those facing upcoming job interviews, it can be absolutely invaluable!  This article can help all job hunters learn why being specific is so important, how using "I" statements makes them appear more confident, and why asking questions can determine whether or not they get the job.

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